Surrounded by Coles, grocery shops and fresh food suppliers, this kiosk was not only developed to act as a flower shop but also an entry point to this busy shopping centre’s fresh food market area. This area is mostly family orientated and with a high activity, we want to draw attention when people pass by from the crowd. The open layout design also creates an intensive connection between the florist and the neighbouring shops.

The brief from the shopping centre and the client was to create a unique looking shop to add a dynamic element to this existing busy atmosphere. Dominated at the entrance of the fresh food market, the kiosk should play a role to define the market and the rest of the retail zone in the shopping centre with the display of passion for the flowers. There is also a void above which had to be taken into consideration when the onlookers are looking down from the level above.

Most of the kiosk design in the shopping centre always has a flat look due to the height restriction. With the consideration of leading people from the different shopping zones, the design team was trying to introduce a more 3D architectural image to consolidate its position for drawing attention from the busy environment. To link the products with this idea, a Flower Pavilion became the concept to this space.


Silver // In Bloom // Retail